Things You Should Know About Communicating With A Timber Supplier

If you're thinking of using cedar timber for all of your new home's needs, there is something you should know from the beginning. You should find a timber supplier with experience in this field who knows that the grain of the wood is important. Cedar lumber is known for its vertical grain cedar, which means growth rings in the cedar wood are parallel with each other.

Growth Rings Of Vertical Grain 

Vertical grain cedar's growth rings do not wander around like most cedarwood. Be aware of this important factor because in the final analysis, you do want the best-finished cedar project. That makes the wood attractive in flooring and other projects you plan to use cedar timber for in the construction of your new home. When you choose vertical grain cedar board, the likelihood of this wood showing signs of warping or twisting, when the job is completed, is less likely to occur. Note that building a cabin calls for a different wood grain.

What Grain Is Right For Building Your Cabin?

Of course, there are instances where you won't have to cling to vertical grain cedar board for your building project. If you're thinking of having a cabin constructed in a rustic fashion, as is expected for cabins, then you should be using rustic-looking cedar for exterior cedar siding. What's a rustic cabin without a cedar deck? Use a rather high-quality cedar lumber that has a knotty appearance. Knotty wood is less expensive than other types of cedar. The knots will look tight and sound, which comes from a mixture of sapwood and heartwood cedar. You can choose to have knotty wood painted or stained. Whatever choice you make, rest assured that the finished look of your cabin will have really lively and cleverly colorful feature combinations.

Share Your Wishes With Timber Supplier

Plan on telling the cedar timber supplier you hire what your ideas are. He or she will then discuss these important details with you, make recommendations, and assure you that your wishes will be carried out in a professional and pleasing manner. It's okay to ask questions before the job begins. An experienced timber supplier is happy to talk with a client who obviously has been studying what is applicable for your new construction. 

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