Getting A Used ESP Spool Trailer

Whether you're going to use an ESP spool trailer to help pump water out of a broken well with a hose or you want to mount wire fencing in a certain location, an ESP spool trailer is helpful. These trailers can be used for any item that requires a spool fixture. Tubing, hoses, wires, cables, and similar materials can be accommodated. If your plan is to acquire one of these trailers to simplify and quicken your company projects, that's not an unwise decision. Used spool trailers are generally more attractive than new models because the upfront cost for an ESP spool trailer will be markedly less than something new. Just focus on spool trailer tips like these.

Seek Out Floor Controls

Many ESP spool trailers have the same layout. You might think nothing of it. Many trailers have hydraulic controls near the spooling apparatus. This makes the controls easy to find. However, such placement could cause injuries if a wire or cable snapped and went whipping through the air.

Instead, look for spool trailers that have controls along the floor of the model. This will give any operator the freedom to work with the spooling material and control the trailer without much trouble.

Look for Minor Customizations

Sometimes you'll run into people who work in the agricultural field who are willing to sell their spool trailers. While these models can be very affordable, you need to be just as vigilant about your criteria and needs as you'd be for a new model or a trailer you purchased from a dealer.

In particular, you'll want to focus on the number of customizations made. It's normal for owners to modify their trailers to better suit their particular work requirements. That's to be expected. However, if you aren't sure those modifications are something you need, you're better off without them. For that reason, you may want to look only at spool trailers that have very little customization.

Use a Mechanic

Whether your spool trailer will come from a reputable dealer or a conscientious solo seller, protecting yourself is key. For that reason, bringing a mechanic to every inspection you do is wise. Not only can a mechanic examine tires, engines, and other vehicle components, they can also examine the rest of the trailer for rust and other issues.

With these features, previously-owned ESP spool trailers are easier to sort through. Constant communication with retailers and mechanics will enable you to get the best used spool trailer for your company.